World Refugee Day June 20th

On Saturday June 20th show your support for Refugees with the hashtag #WithRefugees

In Ireland a joint initiative with UNHCR Ireland and Sport Against Racism (SARI) – SUPPORTED BY 40 LEADING IRISH SPORTS PERSONALITIES including Tom Barr, Gary and Paul O’Donovan, Brian Fenton, Ciara Mageean, Seamus Coleman, Annalise Murphy, Sonia & Sophie O’Sullivan, Olive Loughnane, Patience Jumbo-Gala, Rob and Marian Heffernan, Tomas O’Sé and more
On Saturday morning Claire Lambe will be hosting a really special #SanctuaryStrength session at 11am –  take a picture or video of you doing the class (or other sport or exercise if you don’t make the class) and post direct to your own social media with your own version of this message:

Everyone Can Make A Difference. Every Action Counts. Everyone Counts. Stand With Refugees on World Refugee Day #WithRefugees @Refugees @Sanctuaryrunner #WorldRefugeeDay @UNHCRIreland

The Youtube Live Link for the class at 11am on Saturday 20th is:


According to Oxfam International:

The world is in the middle of the most serious refugee crisis since the Second World War. More than 65 million people have been forced to flee their homes by terrifying conflicts, violence and persecution, with millions more fleeing natural disasters and poverty.

In 2015, Europe saw more than one million people arrive at its borders as they escaped the unimaginable horrors of war, persecution or impossible living conditions. Many had risked their lives on treacherous journeys in search of safety.

The majority of displaced individuals and families however remain within their own countries or in resource-stretched neighboring countries or camps.

These are not refugees and migrants. These are people.

Behind these figures – almost too large to comprehend – sit the painful and personal stories of individuals and families who have seen their lives destroyed by circumstances beyond their control. They’ve lost their homes, their jobs and sometimes their loved ones.

Families are routinely separated, with parents often unable to find their children. Many have left everything behind, often taking only the few possessions they can carry or with just the clothes they fled in.

In many countries in which refugees are currently living:

  • They aren’t allowed to work and risk being deported or sanctioned in other ways if they are caught trying to make a living.
  • In some cases they have no means to buy essentials. Some end up living in squalid conditions with not enough food, clean water or proper sanitation.
  • Children are often not able to go to school, which can mean generations are denied education.
  • Women and children are often particularly vulnerable to exploitation.

Despite all this many people cannot even contemplate returning to their homes because it would be too dangerous.

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