Travel Tips for Tourists

I know some of our readers live in other countries and some are planning a visit so here are some tips and advice if you are coming to Sligo and Ireland:

The Serious Ones

  1. Be prepared for the weather. We can get four seasons in a day, so even if you are coming in the summer (whatever that is) bring rain gear, jumpers (sweaters etc.)
  2. The nearest airport to Sligo is Ireland West Airport in Knock, Co. Mayo. Public transport really depends on where you are staying. The national bus company is Bus Eireann and you can check the routes and timetables on their website. For the train timetable and routes check Irish Rail. It’s usually cheaper to book train tickets online. If you are hiring a car drive on the left, it might seem obvious but just in case. In Dublin you have the LUAS, DART and Dublin Bus.
  3. Respect the sea. We have a number of beautiful beaches in Sligo but the sea can be dangerous so do be careful. Swimming is prohibited in Strandhill due to dangerous swells and riptides. It might look safe but it’s not.
  4. Everyone speaks English unless you are in a Gaeltacht area – these tend to be along the Western side of Ireland.
  5. The electrical supply throughout the Region and Ireland is 230 volts. You’ll need an adapter to fit our 3 pin flat sockets.
  6. The currency is Euro these can be purchased at any foreign exchange departments at your bank or at any bank in Ireland. You can find Bureau de Change facilities at the airports and in some Irish towns. You can use Visa and Mastercard in most Irish businesses.

The not so serious ones

  1. Drivers might wave at you –  this is mainly a rural thing. Just wave back 🙂
  2. Expect the unexpected. It’s not unusual to be driving along and end up in an Irish traffic jam (sheep and cows). Again it depends how rural you are.
  3. If you are coming to Ireland in March please don’t mention St. Patty 😉 It’s Patrick or Paddy…never Patty.
  4. When people ask how you are they don’t expect a long answer of all your ailments – it’s just a way of them saying hello. In our neck of the woods sometimes pronounced ‘How’ya’.
  5. Most tourist sites don’t open until 10am – if I had a euro for every time I saw tourists gazing longingly into Sligo Abbey at 8am I’d be a rich person.
  6. A lot of the local pubs have live music at least one night a week. The majority of them don’t start until 9.30pm or 10pm…oh and time is elastic which means the start times are just a guideline. For the best Sligo guide to music click here.

Is there anything you’d add?

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  • blank
    May 8, 2018 at 3:06 pm

    People coming to Ireland from the US usually just buy an adapter. This only changes the plug – their appliance/piece of equipment must be dual voltage. If it is not, they must also have a converter or the Irish 230/240 voltage will blow out their American 110 voltage appliance.

    • blank
      May 8, 2018 at 5:17 pm

      Thank you Nancy

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