Things to do in Sligo this Winter

We’re a week into jan and the bitter cold is on it’s way. All we want right now is to stay warm and hibernate but there are always lovely fun activities to do. We’ve got a few suggestions on things to do in Sligo this winter that can warm your bones. And recharge your batteries too. Enjoy.

Sligo Mobile Sauna

Mobile Sauna

We were lucky enough to visit these guys last weekend. The idea is to do a dip in the sea, then head into the deliciously warm sauna, which is parked near by. The heat and the cold of the water was such an enlivening experience. Not forgetting the many health benefits of using a sauna ;

  • Easing pain. Increased circulation may help reduce muscle soreness, improve joint movement, and ease arthritis pain.
  • Reducing stress levels. As the heat in a sauna improves circulation, it may also promote relaxation. … 
  • Improving cardiovascular health. … 
  • Skin problems.
  • Asthma. … 
  • Lower risk of Alzheimer’s?

Source : Medical News Today

The Sauna is heated by a traditional Finnish wood burning sauna stove and is big enough for four. Primarily based out of Enniscrone but they are in Rosses Point on occasion. The cost is €10 p/p. You can contact Sligo Sauna on their instagram page sauna.hire or call on 086 390 4052.

Kilcullen’s Seaweed Baths

Kilcullen’s Seaweed Baths

Another great place to visit on a winter’s day! Established since 1912, and hailed at the time as the ‘Kilcullen’s modern Bath House’ the Edwardian Building is still standing on the edge of the Atlantic. Filled with beautiful Edwardian fittings comprising the original enormous glazed porcelain baths, solid brass taps and panelled wooden shower cisterns the charm and unique ambience of the Bath House is hard to beat.

At the Bath House the ‘full treatment! comprises a ‘Steam & Seaweed Bath’.   The Steam Bath is very similar to modern Sauna Baths but that is where the similarity ends … You are enclosed in your individual cedarwood cabinet with only your head exposed to the light of day. Again so warming and soothing for winter time.You can breathe fresh cool air as your body is gently steamed with pure moist vapour.  The treatment is completed by taking a warm Seaweed Bath followed by an invigorating cold sea water shower. We absolutely love these baths and use them whenever we can. See more info here or call on (096) 36238

Jacuzzi at Ox Mountain Adventure Lodge

Ox Mountain Spring Water Jacuzzi.

Residents of the Ox Mountain Adventure Lodge can book a private session in their hot tub jaquzzi. Filled with water from spring water from the surrounding Ox Mountains. With panoramic views of the surrounding mountain scenery. So cosy and sheltered from the elements, you can indulge in a glass of wine or sip a herbal tea. The cost of the Jacuzzi is €20 p/p for 60 minutes. Remember you have to be a resident so maybe treat yourself to a night in their red bus too! See more details here.

Afternoon Tea by the Fire

The Raddison have a lovely afternoon tea available and we checked, they have the fire lit and ready. Overlooking the Bay of Sligo and taking in the stunning views of Rosses Point to one side and Knocknarea Mountain to the other. The cost is €22.50 p/p which includes savoury and sweet treats, teas and fresh coffee. And you have the option of adding a glass of bubbles for €9 p/p. Read more here.

A Soothing Massage


We have heard great things about Louise Waters Treatments. Especially her massages. You can book an Aromatherapy Therapeutic Massage with her for €75 for 55 minutes. This bespoke massage uses strong, therapeutic massage techniques to relieve tense, tight muscles, target problem areas, reduce stress and help boost the body’s immune system. Suitable for both male and female, using a unique aromatherapy oil blend designed especially for your needs.  Louise has lots of other options for treatments available, see more here.


Stay warm and rejuvenated with our suggestions of things to do in Sligo this Winter. We hope these tips will help you do just that! If you need any more ideas or would like to try out a few of the things we talked about, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to offer advice on how best to stay relaxed and revitalized all year round! Also see a previous blog on Sligo Spa’s here. STAY COSY!

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