The Tubbercurry Trail


If you are looking for a lovely flat walk check out the Tubbercurry Trail. Perfect for stretching the legs and a section is wheelchair and pushchair friendly.

The walk goes through acres of woodland. There’s a stretch along the Maiden River, which is a tributary of the River Moy. You walk through the forest including the scenic Spruce corridor, and along Bog Cutters Road and the Rhue Road through the bog. The walk back took us through the Oak and Ash Corridor.


The Tubbercurry Trail is home to various flora and fauna and is a perfect walk whatever the weather. We checked it out on a rainy day but it was quite sheltered with all the trees.

The walk is located just before the Homeland Store on the R294 heading from Tubbercurry to Ballina.

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    August 13, 2019 at 7:54 am

    Discovered this trail by chance while out running. Perfect for short running short distances.

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