Summer Solstice Mandala Workshop

Summer Solstice Mandala & Meditation Workshop

Sunday June 21st

Louise Waters Natural Therapies
Top Floor,
Murrow House,
1 Teeling Street,
Sligo, Ireland

Join Dublin artist Patricia Fitzgerald of Healing Creations for a full day Mandala and Meditation workshop for the first time to the beautiful studio of Louise Water’s Natural Therapies right in the centre of Sligo town. And on the Solstice too! It’s promising to be a very special session.

Mandala art is a powerfully transformative tool enabling you to gain clarity of mind, to become self-empowered, aware and compassionate and gain a powerful spiritual connection regardless of your faith or none . This awareness and compassion ripples out to all others in your life.

Originating from the ancient Sanskrit, the word mandala means a container of essence or spirit.

During this workshop, you will undertake creative inner exploration, allowing the mandala to guide you with it’s insights and wisdom helping you better navigate your way forward in life. It is a day of creativity, nurture, open mindedness and open heartedness. A balm for the soul.

Patricia will lead you on a journey of creative self discovery and your connection to all that is. There is power in doing this work in a group. Patricia will explain her own journey and experiences with Mandalas and what they mean for her. The group will then do a short awareness meditation together, feeling where it is in the body that needs to be worked on with the Mandala. After the meditation, each person will begin on the journey of their own mandala, working in silence together with music, focusing on intention and the piece. There is no need to be artistic to do this workshop, this is all about process.

At the end of the day, Patricia will guide the group in a deep meditation which will seed the experience within.

It truly is a day of creative nourishment, a break away from everyday life to reconnect with yourself.

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