St. Patrick and the Sligo connection

St. Patrick was some man for one man. Not only did he drive the snakes out of Ireland – he also seemed to visit every county in the country.

In Sligo he was said to have lost a tooth at Killaspugbrone Church, I don’t know if it just fell out or if he fell over and knocked it out! I suppose I’ll never know although I think it’s the latter especially judging by the amount of times I’ve almost fallen over there.

You can walk to Killaspugbrone from Strandhill in Sligo – which is located on the Wild Atlantic Way. Sligo Walks have a lovely 2 hour looped walk that takes in the church, it’s not a strenuous walk although it is quite uneven in places…so don’t walk and look at your phone! I usually just walk from Strandhill and back and it takes under an hour.

The church is now a ruin but the views from there are stunning so it’s well worth walking to. It’s also a great excuse to visit one of the many lovely places to eat in Strandhill or go for a seaweed bath or beach walk. Be sure to keep a look out for St. Patrick’s tooth! Although the shrine to it is now in Dublin it’s said the tooth is missing.

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    March 14, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    This looks amazing, and the walk sounds lovely. I did not know about St Patrick and his tooth- learn something new everyday 🙂

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