Sligo in bid to secure UNESCO World Heritage Status

Sligo have entered a bid to secure UNESCO World Heritage Status for our wonderful Neolithic sites that are dotted around the county. Most notable being Queen Maeve’s grave sitting atop Knocknarea. Sligo Neolithic Landscapes Group (SNLG) and the local council have teamed up to present Sligo and it’s beautiful archaeological sites to the world stage.

SNLG main objectives, according to their website are as follows:

  • Through the mechanism of UNESCO WHS status, to create a stable, well-informed, long-term sustainable plan for the preservation and communication of Sligo’s Neolithic heritage.
  • To raise awareness of damage or potential threats to the Neolithic monuments in County Sligo.
  • To enthuse and inform the people of County Sligo regarding their unique inheritance.
  • To bring together a large, wide-based group, to support the sustainable tourism potential of Sligo as part of an integrated long-term plan, and to express the feelings of local people concerned as to the future survival of the ancient places.

Great news for Sligo

Should they be successful, and we have no doubt they will be, Sligo will benefit greatly. Our precious Neolithic sites will be further maintained and protected, and promoted for sustainable tourism.