Sligo Global Kitchen

The Sligo Global Kitchen was a project started to create a space for people living in direct provision to cook and share food from their different cultures with others. It’s an initiative by artist Anna Spearman and is supported by The Model. At least once a month Sligo Global Kitchen host an event where everyone from the community is welcome to try food from different countries.

Sligo Global Kitchen has been in operation since 2014 and is going from strength to strength. In March, 2018 the group won an award from the Irish Food Writers Guild.

The next event is the Clash of the Jollaf Rice at The Model, October 20th 3pm.  Generously Sponsored by the Irish Food Writers Guild, The Model Sligo and Hawthorn Hill Farm North Roscommon.

All Around the World people from a few different countries have built a myth around a particular meal called “jollof rice” originally “wollof rice”. Born from Senegal and spread to many West African countries and now there is an “English” Jollof rice, we will bring all those tastes to our table this October in a grand Sligo War of jollof rice with a few voluntary judges and votes from all attending. At the end the 3 most preferred will host our Christmas dinner 2018. Jollof rice from Senegal (covering for Niger, Gambia, Guinea, Burkina Faso) Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana maybe England and more. The story around thee meal will be told accompanied by music from these countries. The generous donation of Lamb and Goat from Hawthorn Hill Farm will be served as one accompaniment with other food items.

The Sligo Global Kitchen events are free but donations are welcome. You can find out more about the global kitchen on their Facebook page.


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