Sligo Free WiFi

Yesterday I went along to the launch of the new Free Wi-Fi service for Sligo town at The Glasshouse Hotel. It is hoped to be beneficial to both locals and visitors to the town as you will be able to avail of free, unlimited, broadband.

To access the service you just have to connect via your Facebook page or log in by adding your email address and off you go. You will only have to do this once as the system will remember you so if you travel to other areas that have Magnet Wi-Fi such as Carrick-on-Shannon, who are already up and running, and others who are in the process of being connected, with just once click you are away.

From what I understand this service is only available in certain parts of the town at the moment. It is sponsored by local businesses so when more of those come on board it will hopefully reach to the rest of the town. It’s also hoped to have a dish on the roof of The Glasshouse in the future which will beam the signal to much more of the town.

This service was a joint effort between Magnet Networks, Sligo County Council and the Sligo Business Improvement District.

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