Sligo Fairy Trail

Sligo’s folklore is full of stories of Fairies and Leprachauns. We all grew up with our grannies telling us tall tales of the small people. We’ve put together a little guide on where you might be lucky enough to see a fairy and what to do if you find one. See below for our Sligo Fairy Trail.

Knocknashee Hill of the Fairies

Also known as ‘Hill of the Fairies’ Knocknashee is one of Ireland’s largest Bronze Age fortified hilltop forts stretching 700×320 meters across this table-top mountain plateau. Being one of Ireland’s seven most sacred hills, its name comes from the Irish words “knock” (cnoc) meaning “hill” and “shee” meaning “fairy”. You can walk up the hill and see if you find any fairies. Find more information about the walk at

Knocknashee Sligo Fairy Trail
Knocknashee by Gareth Wray

The Fairy Glen

The Fairy Glen is one of the most unusual places in Ireland. This is actually a small valley on the foot of Knocknarea, which looks very much like a hidden, bewitched garden. It is not difficult to imagine that fairies or leprechauns could appear in this special place at any moment. Once inside, all you can hear is birdsong and the wind in the trees. Keep your eyes open for the fairies. The entrance isn’t very easy to find, but that’s half the fun. Be aware that it can get very muddy so wellies/boots are essential. Also, be careful with low hanging branches and steep drops. Directions : the entrance is from the western side and is easy to miss so keep your eyes open. Very soon after the turnoff to Knocknarea (see directions for Knocknarea), you will see a well on your left. Directly across the road is a gate which is the access point.

The Glen Knocknarea
The Fairy Glen
The Glen Sligo
Fairy Drinking Water in The Glen

Dooney Rock

Wandering through Dooney Rock Woods you may stumble across a fairy village. Absolutely adorable. Filled with little characters and houses. When we stumble, we mean literally as it’s quite hidden. See if you can find it! Read more on Dooney Rock here and head off on your Sligo Fairy Trail.

Fairy Forts and Sligo Archeology for Children

Cruinniú na nÓg 2021 with Sligo Library and CreativeIrl hosted a series of events and workshops. Archaeologist Tamlyn McHugh took us on a time travel tour to explore the amazing archaeology of County Sligo. Hear tales of hideous hags, lake monsters and witches exploring the myths and legends of Sligo’s monuments! Learn what to do if you must pass a fairy fort at night; how to avoid getting turned to stone by a witch or what to do if you encounter a water hound! This event is pre-recorded and as such, it will be available on the Sligo Library Facebook page in the days following June 12th. The event is hosted by the Sligo Community Archaeology Project, an initiative of Sligo Heritage Forum. 

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