Sligo Cycling Campaign Launch

The Sligo Cycling campaign was launched on May 19th 2021. A fabulous community-based voluntary group set up to raise public awareness of the numerous benefits of cycling. We found out the following from The Sligo Cycling Campaign for you.

About The Sligo Cycling Campaign

The group’s aim is to make cycling in Sligo Town and county more safe and enjoyable. All whilst raising the popularity and accessibility for all of the community. And also being the voice of those who wish to make use of the roads and streets to cycle and asking for quieter and safer journeys.

Bike Week 2020 at Strandhill Market

‘As a member of, the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network we are a strong national voice promoting safe cycling routes to school, to the workplace, to shops or cafés, to leisure activities, or just to meet up with friends. We join with in support of the Rural Cycling Collective campaign to make rural communities cycle-friendly for all ages and abilities, to re-balance the debate on active travel so that everyday journeys by bike across rural Ireland are enabled and supported.”

Bike Buffet 2017

Cycling is such a wonderful way of getting around, it’s quick and convenient, economical, sustainable, healthy, sociable, & it’s fun! 

Do you want to get involved in the campaign? Sign up below.

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