Sligo Christmas Gifts – For Kids

Have you heard the saying “something to wear, something to read, something they want and something to read”? It’s actually a great way to navigate the many many options out there for children’s presents for Christmas. So we’re breaking that down and will list a few ideas for you. Enjoy our Sligo Christmas Gifts for Kids.

Something to Wear

  1. Charlotte’s Love Sweater from Shells Cafe
  2. Pajamas from Kool Kidz
  3. Bobble Hat from Call of The Wild
  4. Stylish Baby Clothes from Anna’s
  5. Sligo Hub Hoodie
  6. Beautiful Sweatshirt from Little Scallywags
sligo christmas guide for kids
Sligo Hub Guide

Something to Read

  1. Liber books have a fantastic children’s selection. Dog Man Books are very popular right now.
  2. Fab children’s project books from Hobby Shop
  3. Curious Creatures book from SG Education
  4. Gift Card from Sligo Bookmart
  5. Check out Kid’s Own – a sligo publisher of books made BY children
Hobby Shop

Something They Want

We probably should only write X-Box here or something like that!

  1. Head to Smyths – ho ho ho
Shells Cafe

Something They Need

  1. A lovely warm winter coat from Next
  2. Cool pair of runners from Sports Direct
  3. Headphones from Smyths
  4. Bike from Gary’s Cycles
  5. Tablet from Harvey Norman

So, what are your thoughts on where to find the best gifts for children? I hope you’ve enjoyed our list of fun and unique xmas gift ideas. Merry Christmas!

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