Sligo Christmas Day Swim

Now a tradition in Ireland for over 40 years, the Christmas Day swim/dip is a really fun way to start the festivities. Normally involving groups of friends or families coming together at this really special time of year.  Some people will use this opportunity to raise money for charity. With Sligo being coastal, we are spoilt for choice on locations to hop into the Atlantic. This tradition is proving ever more popular every year, and now a Sligo Christmas Day Swim is part and parcel of a lot of Sligo folks Christmas Day.

Benefits of cold water dips include :

  • It boosts your immune system. The effects of cold water on the immune system have been studied widely. … 
  • It gives you a natural high. … 
  • It improves your circulation. … 
  • It increases your libido. … 
  • It burns calories. … 
  • It reduces stress. … 
  • It is a great way of socialising and making new friends. It’s FUN!

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Mullagmore Swim Sligo
Photo – Mini Irish Surfer

This year, and last, most organised swims are cancelled unfortunately. But this doesn’t stop Sligo folks who head in anyway.

It is vital that you take care and are safe. Please observe all precautions given by

Here are some suggestions on where to dip. Some of these spots are tide dependant so check conditions first.

  • Aughris Head Pier
  • Rosses Point – The Pool or beach
  • Streedagh Beach
  • Lissadell
  • Mullaghmore
  • Poll Gorm

There is a Christmas Day virtual swim in Rosses Point where you can send in your photos of your own splash and donate to St Cecelia’s School – find our more here – Rosses Point Christmas Splash

You can also check out another of our blogs on Swimming Spots in Sligo here.

Have a very Merry Christmas all. Enjoy the natural beauty Sligo has to offer. Check out Sligo Walks here

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