Showing off north Sligo

Lucinda Creighton and Eddie Hobbs

I got a phone call last week from Leinster House…yes really, how mad is that! To say that Lucinda Creighton, Eddie Hobbs and John Leahy were coming to Sligo and wanted someone to show them some tourist attractions. I’m not political at all but I have been called the ‘one woman tourist board’ for Sligo on more than one occasion. My dream job would be to show people around Sligo. Anyway I met Lucinda and Eddie in Drumcliff where they said hello to Yeats’ grave.

Yeats grave

I still maintain it is the most boring grave in the history of graves. There weren’t too many people around due to the gale-force winds, such a shame after the beautiful day we had yesterday.

Vintage Lane Cafe

After getting blown around the graveyard we went for a cuppa and a warm up to Vintage Lane Cafe in Rathcormac and to meet John. I’ve done a blog post about the cafe and Rathcormac market before which you can read here.


It was onwards to Harrison’s in Cliffony for a lovely lunch. Eddie found himself at home behind the bar, so if Declan ever needs a new member of staff I’d say Eddie is the man. A previous blog about Harrison’s is here.

Eddie pulling a pint

After a drive around the very Wild Atlantic Way at Mullaghmore we went to Island View Riding Stables and met with Raymond from the stables and Auriel from Seatrails.


Auriel explained about the Spanish Armada and the history of Streedagh and Mullaghmore. She also told us about the Heritage on Horseback tours she runs in conjunction with Island View Stables. Again you can read a previous blog that features both Seatrails and Island View here.

Dernish Island

Island View is in a beautiful location over-looking Dernish Island. If it was a better day we’d have gone for a trek along the beach but it really was blowing a gale and knowing my luck I’d have ended up in the sea!


I really love Island View Riding Stables – even the birds are friendly!

Eddie and the birds


A big thanks to Raymond from Island View Riding Stables, Auriel from Seatrails, Declan from Harrison’s and Ciaran from Vintage Lane Cafe for their hospitality.

Eddie and friend

I think I can update my CV to say that I can organise tours of Sligo now 😉



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