Self Employed Ireland – new platform

New platform to support self-employed business owners established during Covid-19 pandemic

    Platform will bring together self-employed communities all over Ireland

         Aim is to help businesses grow together with a €2 membership


A new online platform has been launched that will offer support to self-employed business owners as they struggle to cope with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Self Employed Ireland (SEI) which launched today (Tuesday, March 31) aims to be a national collective body providing supports and training to its members across all business sectors.

 SEI was set up by serial entrepreneur, Eddie Mulrooney, to bring together self-employed business owners all over Ireland to share knowledge, improve business partnerships and spread best practice.

SEI was due to launch as a paid platform later this year but the Sligo-based businessman decided to bring the launch forward and charge a nominal €2 membership as self-employed business owners struggle with the financial impact of the coronavirus.

Eddie, who has 30 years’ experience working with a broad range of businesses and supporting the community, developed the idea for SEI after noticing a lack of support and information available to entrepreneurs during his own self-employment career.

Through his research, he found that many start-ups run out of long-term supports and often become vulnerable in business. He recognised a need for a comprehensive and broad-ranging support system for self-employed business owners – of which there are more than 300,000 in Ireland. 

With SEI, Eddie intends to provide a platform for the self-employed community to seek advice or direction to move forward through team learning and shared knowledge. 

Training will be provided through a community platform which includes accounts management, employee management, life skills, mindfulness, revenue matters, marketing and more. Members can decide which supports are best suited to their business needs.

Membership to Self Employed Ireland can be made through:

Founder and CEO of Self Employed Ireland Eddie Mulrooney said:

“Working together can greatly improve the process, promotion and profitability of all our businesses while learning from each other and spreading best practice throughout the working society. In this current climate, we are all being faced with financial difficulties from the coronavirus pandemic. By launching SEI Ireland now, we hope to provide valuable advice and support to business owners and help each other through these uncertain times.”

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