Beltra Market and Seals!

There are some lovely things for sale at Beltra Country Market. If you’ve never been to the market it’s on every Saturday from 10am-12noon on the N59 (Sligo – Ballina Road).


I was too early for Beltra market this morning so I headed down to Portavade beach (which is on the same road as Dunmoran). It was lovely with the sun shining and when I got out of the car I was delighted to see a seal.


I spent about ten minutes waiting to see if it would come any closer before I finally realised it was a life buoy!! I think I need to get my eyes tested. Thankfully I was the only one on the beach (apart from the imaginary seal) so I crawled back to the car and went to the market.

Ladybird cake

There was a lovely cupcake decorating workshop on. I would have loved to have joined in but as the average age was 7 I thought I was a bit too old. I went to the tea room instead and had tea and cake for breakfast.


I really loved this teddy, I would have bought it but I know Rocket-dog would try to eat it!

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