Run As One Dog Agility Club

Pamela from Run as One Dog Agilty Club tells us “When I talk to people about agility, they often respond with, ‘Oh no, my dog could never do that.’ Then they laugh, a bit nervously.”
Most people have seen agility on TV, usually at Crufts. Let’s face it; those dogs and handlers are some of the best in the world. They’re at the top of their game. Many of those dogs are Collies. Their performances look super-fast, easy and elegant.
For the rest of us… Well, our rounds might not look quite like that, but we have just as much fun! We run with our Jack Russells, Huskies, Miniature Schnauzers, crossbreeds and rescue dogs – and some with those splendid Collies. Our dogs might not go as fast as those on TV, us handlers might not be as fit, and sometimes the dog and handler are not in perfect harmony, but we all enjoy it in our own way. For some of us, it’s the excitement when our dog finally braves the dark corners of the tunnel; for others, when the dog finally gets the hang of the weave poles; and for the more experienced handlers, it’s when we finally nail the tricky turn that we’ve been practising for a while.
That’s what agility is really about. It’s about doing something fun with your dog – it’s something you can both enjoy. We all do it at our own level, with our own goals in mind – whether that’s competing or just getting outside in the fresh air. It’s mental and physical exercise, and all you need is a reasonably healthy dog and a handler that’s willing to look a bit silly when things go wrong. It’s OK because your best friend is right there with you to laugh it off.
If you and your canine friend are interested in giving agility a go, come join Run As One Dog Agility Club! They have classes in Coolaney every Sunday at 2 pm for beginners and 3.30 pm for advanced. During the summer, they also run a mixed level evening class on Thursdays at 6 pm.

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