RECONNECT – Art Exhibition

A new group of Sligo artists, Connection 2, is holding its first exhibition this March in a pop-up gallery in Johnston Court. The show is aptly called Reconnect, as half the group worked as a collective on the very successful Connection Project at No 8 John Street last year, and all of them are Arts graduates from IT Sligo.

Some Connection 2 members were born and raised in Sligo, but most have moved here by choice, drawn by the wide open seas and sky, the landscapes and long history; and all of them find this beautiful north-west corner of Ireland a constant source of inspiration.

This show has allowed each of these creatives to focus on whatever currently motivates them to practice art, whether that is responding to the natural environment around them, or looking inward to better understand their own place and development within its wider context.

Reconnect is in Johnston Court Shopping Centre from Fri 15th – Thur 28th March (open during shopping hours). Grateful thanks to Johnston Court for donating the space. Connection 2 is delighted that the show will be opened at 5.30pm on Thurs 14th March by Nick Seymour, artist, musician and record producer, the founding bass guitarist of Crowded House and another creative who has made Sligo his home.

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