Meet the Maker – West-Strand by Nina

For our Meet the Maker section this month we meet West-Strand by Nina. Inspired by the Cold & for the Love of Wool.

My name is Nina, I’m the founder and creator of West-Strand by Nina.

I was born in a small village called Westendorf in the Austrian Tirol. Growing up in the Alps was full of fun and adventure specially in the winter with the snow.

All my life I remember talking about the cold countries in the north, in 2008 I made my way to Ireland for a holiday with my sister. Shortly after arriving in Dublin we heard about Strandhill in County Sligo the place to be for surfing, so we headed to the Atlantic Coast in the North-West of Ireland. It didn’t take me long and I fell in love, not only with the surf. Now I’m one of the lucky ones that can call Strandhill their home.

Fifteen years ago, I wanted to buy myself a pair of Slippers, called Doggln back home, but Anna a local lady wouldn’t sell me a pair. Instead she told to learn this craftsmanship myself which dates back to 18th century. And so I did.

Anna my Slipper mentor for years retired at the age of 92 and I was able to inherit her 150 year old wooden lasts to bring and continue this tradition from the Austrian Tirol of making Slippers to the Atlantic Coast in the North-West of Ireland

West-Strand by Nina was created.

West from Westendorf my home village in Austria and Strand from Strandhill my home now.

I have also expanded my Range to include 100% wool Headbands, Beanies, Boot Slippers, Baby Booties, Lavender Pouches and the latest product is the Shrug.


How it’s made

The 100% wool West-Strand Range is handcrafted in my little factory (as I like to call my Workshop) right on the Atlantic Coast in the small Village of Strandhill in Co. Sligo in the North-West of Ireland.

From cutting the Fabric, hand sewing the Slippers, using my good old Pfaff industrial sewing machine to create the West-Strand Range to all the finishing touches is all done by me.

The Logo Tag which I stamp every single one individual brings a hint of colour into my grey West-Strand Range.


The 100% Wool Fabric is called Walk, it’s made in Austria in a small Town near my home Village. The Wool is knitted first then hammered for strength and all that process is done in the oldest Walkmachine in Austria.

The Shetland Wool which is used for the Walk is perhaps the completest article of a kind in the Universe, possessing at the same time, the gloss and softness of silk, the strength of Cotton, the whiteness of linen and the warmth of wool which is the finest of all native breeds

The Logo Tag which I stamp every single one individual brings a hint of colour into my grey West-Strand Range.

You can find West-Strand by Nina online and at Shore Road, Strandhill, Co. Sligo, Ireland, 00353833521772,

Thanks so much Nina for taking part in Meet the Maker. If there are other Sligo based creatives, artists or galleries that would like to take part free of charge just send an email to

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