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Sligo is full of creatives and I’m always really interested to know more about them so this is a new feature on Sligo Hub.

Oonagh B. McCann is the creator of Mindful Nona and for the month of April she will be the artist in residence at the pop-up studio next to Osta Cafe and Wine Bar. You can visit Oonagh and Nona in the studio from 1 – 3pm every day except Sunday.

About the illustrator Oonagh B.McCann…..

I am a visual artist, creating pen & ink pieces, using the pointillist technique.

I also write and illustrate stories about an ethereal little character called

Mindful Nona.

Love, friendship, emotional connections and my experience of motherhood,

are my muse for Mindful Nona.

Since my creation of Nona two years ago (March 2016) her presence,

has created in ME, an awareness of myself, but also an awareness of

every one and everything, that surrounds me daily. I have become Mindful.

By becoming more aware, it has helped clarify questions about my story,

creating within the feelings of empathy, kindness and an understanding

of myself, and of those I meet on my journey. I no longer take for granted,

but instead give gratitude for the loved ones in my life, for what I have,

my surroundings and for those i share this space with.

My hopes are, that through my Mindful Nona illustrations & words,

an awareness and gratitude for every one and every thing, big and small,

will be evoked within. That everyone take the time to pause and take the time,

to appreciate the moment they are experiencing, here and now.

Mindfulness knows no age, or gender.

To be fully aware, to be mindful….. we only need to know to slow down.

We need to give ourselves permission to look within and reconnect…..

To show gratitude.

To show kindness.

To judge NOT.

To care more

To empathise

To actually See others.



About Mindful Nona  

Mindful Nona, is a whimsical ethereal little character, full of guidance and love for everyone.

She is here to connect with all ages, and to bond all ages to each other.

Through my illustrations and my wording, it is wish, that Nona prompts us to discover our authentic inner self, but also, most necessarily, that we forge a link and a mindful relationship with our loved ones and with our surrounding Universe.

My illustrations of Nona are all about encouraging mindfulness, clear thought, awareness of what is going on around us, but just as importantly, a connection to within… our inner wisdom, our inner-power and to encourage unconditional self love and self belief (it is known that all happiness and contentment reside within) 

By learning to unconditionally love ones self, accepting and loving others without conditions becomes second nature too.

Nona encourages EVERY ONE, to slow down, and to become more aware of the ‘every day’…. prompting gratitude, for what we have and who we are with. Here and now. This moment. Today.

Nona will bring a message to you, solely for you.

Your intuitive whisper may come to you

usually when you least expect it.

It could be someone’s touch,

someone’s smile,

a kind word,

an encouraging ‘push’,

something you see

something you read,

or something some one says….

that has that “little something” to get your attention.

It may be a nostalgic smell, a taste, a noise….

Very often when need be,

it will be the appearance of a Spirit Animal,

sent by the Universe,

to guide you personally,

keeping you safely on your path,

or back towards the path you unknowingly misplaced.

One thing is for sure,

these Universal whispers are here,

to prompt you to be aware

& to be mindful.

To be grateful always for what you have,

for what you are doing, for who you are with,

for who you are, who you truly are…

right here, right now xx “

Thank you Oonagh for a lovely article, it was a pleasure to chat to you.

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    April 15, 2018 at 3:15 pm

    I love this! It is so lovely to get the insight. Your work is so magical and unique Oonagh, it speaks to everyone. I’m loving the new colours too!

    Julie Potter

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