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Graham Reid glass making

Celestial Aquatics is collaboration between Ruth Le Gear and Graham Reid. Wearable water orbs; Water Essences from Arctic Icebergs to the waters of Irish lakes and waterfalls created by Ruth Le Gear and Graham ReidRuth’s work is at the confluence of art and healing; she has worked as a hybrid artist for the past 10 years.  She uses experiential and geographic research to express the innate power of water. Graham grew up in South Africa. He studied architecture at Massachusetts College of Art; he took glassblowing as an elective and subsequently switched to sculptural glass. After returning to his ancestral roots in Ireland, he designed and built Knockbeg Glass Studios where he taught and blew glass under the name Glóine Eíreann. He has a flame working and metal studio at their home in Sligo. His sculptural work is primarily concerned with expressing and manifesting the universal forces that surround us but are often invisible.

 Celestial aquatics water orb

Each glass vessel is uniquely created to hold a Water Essence.

Ruth le Gear

Ruth makes essences from water.  She has collected icebergs in the Arctic, explored a Lake in North Leitrim, stood on the tip of the Cape of Good Hope and encountered many water bodies in between. In these places and where ever she is, her intention is always to try to communicate with the water that is there, this most beautiful life-giving force of nature. Each body of water is totally unique. It has it’s own physical and spiritual history, mineral content, and it’s own unique vibration that it imparts on living beings that it encounters. If you’ve ever had a drink from a crystal clear mountain stream, and one from an ancient well or a swim in the sea, you will know that all water is not the same.

As an artist and a healer and Ruth’s lifework is to understand and communicate with water. She loves it in all its layers, the tiny micro-organisms that live in one drop, the oceans, lakes, rivers, clouds, mist, rain, sleet, hale, icebergs, and glaciers. Ruth and Graham live North West coast of Ireland and it rains here a lot, mostly pure north Atlantic water, swept up in the storms above Greenland and Iceland.

Ruth holds a studio at the Model in Sligo and it is there that she studies water samples that she has collected on her travels. And slowly, the essence of the water is unraveled. Then she takes a small amount of the water, which holds all of its history and potential to make an essence.

For example: Glenade Water And Moss Water Essence

Glenade water and moss – clearing the energy of a stone trying to float. This essence is especially helpful for those who work with energy. It helps to clear old unwanted patterns quickly and to integrate new patterns that are emerging. The essence allows your own innate healing powers to do their work with ease while it holds space for you. There is a primal purity in the essence that activates the suspended pure light energy held within an individual and helps the soul to return to a state of innocence purity and peace. When we hide emotions from others then they can become hidden from ourselves (hiding tears ,pain or grief). This essence helps one to listen to their intuition and stops one from becoming stuck in repeated thinking. The moss brings a new clarity and deep clear mental energy that is calm yet energised. It works deeply on the sinuses and spine and helps to clear viruses. It is a powerful awakener and brings one on an inner journey, allowing one to be in the now, to be in time. It allows one to feel free and play in the flow.

 Graham blows a glass vessel to hold the water essence, which is then sealed inside the glass, so they can be worn as wearable waters. They are suited to daily wear as well as special occasions. They are hand-blown borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is a durable form of glass with great clarity, light transfer properties and heat resistance.

From one of our beautiful customers “I work with young children and I wear my beautiful Orb daily. The Orb is like a magnet to the children who are drawn to it but I never worry about it as even though it is made of glass, the intricate workmanship makes it extremely robust”

Each orb comes on a 24″ pure sterling silver chain, and wrapped and packaged in an eco-friendly gift box. If you’d like your orb on brown waxed cotton instead, just make a note in your order.  Please visit our website to see a list of Water Essences which you can purchase as Orbs.

We are also happy to create custom orders with special waters, which you send to us; the water you have collected. Your sacred waters – water that means something to you. Water from a well, a stream, the sea – wearable waters from a time that you would like to bottle and keep next to your heart.

Thanks so much to Ruth and Graham for telling us more about Celestial Aquatics.



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