Lost in Leitrim


I’m still working on my ‘Wild Atlantic Wayfarer’ project. Today took me to Leitrim, I don’t have any activities planned there yet so I made use of my feet and went for a walk. I’ve wanted to check out Fowley’s Falls, Rossinver for a long time so I finally got there. It wasn’t that easy to find the place, I followed the sign for the falls but somehow ended up going round in a circle and coming back out to the main road where I started from! So back around I went again and met up with a farmer who told me to ‘Follow that silver van’ – there wasn’t a sign of a silver van until I drove around a bend and lo and behold there was the van so I followed it!

Forest walk

Thankfully the silver van was going to Fowley’s Falls so I got there in the end! It was lovely and dry when I started out so I walked quite a long way along the river. Most of the path looks like the photo at the top of this page, there are some steps though but it’s not a tough walk.

Glenanniff River

The river and the falls are just beautiful, a real wow factor. I didn’t take any decent photos of the falls because in true fashion the heavens opened and I got pelted with enormous hail stones….so I moved fairly quickly and found a little old cottage where I sheltered for a while.

Cottage dwellers

I thought I was alone in the cottage until I heard some noise in the next room….I had company! I didn’t want to frightened the mother and baby so after I took a couple of photos I left and went back out into the elements to begin the walk back to the car.

Cottage window

Fowley's Falls

I was completely soaked when I got back to the main road, I found out my waterproof coat wasn’t in the slightest bit waterproof. I’m starting to think that a wetsuit would be a better idea!

Mini waterfall

The worst of it all was when I got to the road there was no sign of my car! I have no sense of direction so I’d missed the entrance that I’d taken to get down to the falls and I was squelching along the road at this stage! I had to flag down a farmer to see if he’s spotted a bright green car along the roadside…thankfully he had and I wasn’t that far away from it. This isn’t the first time I’ve lost the car! On the plus side I didn’t fall over although I will have to go back again to get some decent photos of the falls preferably when it’s not raining. I’m hoping my next adventure is a dry one!

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