Life in Lockdown – Sligo Stories

We asked our readers for their thoughts on the lockdown and here are some of the responses:

Susan writes:

“I miss choir with the Coolaney Gospel Choir, going to meet my friends in Nook for a catch up over breakfast, having family down for a few days. I’m enjoying spending quality time as a family together, showing the children games we played as children and teaching them life skills, getting to home-school my children and see all the things their teachers see in them. I’ve taken up cycling, I haven’t done it in years and I’m now after a few weeks getting up to 15k in under an hour so I’m proud of myself, staying within my 2k from home. I’ve also learned how to make banana bread. When the restrictions are lifted the first place I will visit will be Dunmoran Strand and I’ll go to The Coach House Hotel for dinner. I’d like to give the Coolaney Gospel Choir a mention for doing the virtual St Patrick’s Day parade and the Easter parade to brighten up peoples day.”

Dee tells us:

“I miss seeing my family and friends and when the restrictions are over I look forward to seeing them and hugging them. I miss my grand niece and nephew. Missed my grand nephews 1st birthday and his first steps. Miss the smell of the sea. It’s been a positive to see people co-operating with the restrictions. The first place I’ll visit when this is over is Strandhill and I’ll go to The Strand for dinner. I’d like to give Anderson’s a mention, they’ve been giving 100 free meals a day to the vulnerable in the community.”

Helena says:

“I miss Penneys and having coffee with friends. My neighbour hasn’t been in to visit since this began. I’m still working so I get out of the house. Eala Bhan would be lovely for a meal when they open again. It’ll be important for us to support local when this is all over.”

Lisa tells us:

“I miss my mum and would love to see her. I’ve enjoyed spending more time with my sons. I’ve been baking bread which is something new for me. When this is over the first thing I’ll do is visit my mum. I’d like to go to dinner in the Courthouse Restaurant in Kinlough and go for a walk on Yellow Strand in Ballyconnell.”

Joanne writes:

“I miss the wee wink my son gives me as I drop him off to school, or the look on my daughters face when I surprise her by picking her up from school. I miss lots but we’ve got to be positive and look forward to some sort normality sometime soon.”

Sinead says:

“I miss my family so much. When this is over I’m going to see my daughter, my mum, my brother, his wife and kids….. then back to have coffee, meals and chats with friends. I’m blessed to be kept busy but I miss people… we have to stay home to be able to see our loved ones again ❤.  Massive shout out I think goes to Dooley Kenna and David Melly for delivering over 100 meals a day to the vulnerable in Sligo from Anderson’s, all voluntary they are amazing and always do with a song and a whistle.”


“I miss all family & friends but especially my sisters, meeting for a coffee in town every week & a good old chat.”

Sharon says:

“I miss visiting my parents grave … Strandhill sunset…being able to go into town just to have a cup of tea and a chat …and my fitness classes.”

Lisa writes:

 “I’ve missed going for a walk on the beach, having the sea breeze on your face and a paddle in the water.”

Michelle tells us:

“I miss not bring able to walk into my parents house, hug them and sitting for a chat. I’ve enjoyed having extra time with my daughter Rebecca. I’ve Planted some veg so let’s see how that goes. I’ve also been out on my bicycle.
When this is over I’ll go to my patents and hug them, then have everyone around to ours. I’ll go to dinner in Harrison’s or Davis’s and for lunch in Sweet Beat. I’d like to visit Streedagh Beach or climb Knocknarea. So many people are doing great things, two of my family members are front line workers so well done to them all and Sligo cancer services are doing amazing work.”



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