It’s the little things

Wayne O'Connor Print

Since I wrote about my anxiety I’ve been overwhelmed with the response. I’m still struggling but I’m keeping a positive outlook and there are so many good things out there.

Today was a good day (apart from the migraine). I won the print above by the very talented Wayne O’Connor, I absolutely love it!  I also met up with a friend for lunch, it was great to catch up and relax.

Yesterday I pushed myself to go to ‘Sing for the hell of it’ at the Hawk’s Well Theatre, it was busy and noisy but thanks to a kind friend who drove a few of us in I was grand. She also checked with me during the night to see if I was OK. Just before I left the house I got a message from another friend to say she was thinking of me.

These little things mean all the difference. If you think someone isn’t feeling great do send them a message, even if they don’t feel like responding they will really appreciate it.

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  • February 22, 2017 at 7:06 am

    What a good idea…It seems one thing that happens when people are unhappy/depressed is that we get the idea that we are alone…This can be a self-fulfilling prophesy as we withdraw, then become increasingly isolated…As you say, just reaching out, or being reached out to, can make all the difference in a day. Cumulatively, these add up and the person may be able to regain their perspective and realize they are cared for….Another great way to get out of the depression/anxiety spiral is to do something for someone else…a friend, pet, family member, neighbour…Somehow by helping others, even with something fairly inconsequential, the focus shifts from self-absorption to a more expansive, healthier view…Volunteering can also be a great help…


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