Grow Remote Conference

Grow Remote Conference meets Ireland’s first Smart Community

Ireland’s first Smart Community, Tubbercurry & South Sligo, is delighted to welcome the Grow Remote conference to Tubbercurry on Tuesday 16th of April 2019. This one-day conference features speakers from across Europe and American and aims to discuss the opportunities that exist for remote working in Ireland and the benefits it can bring to employees, employers and local communities.

Joann Hosey, Chair of Smart Community Tubbercurry said, “Our ambition is to bring remote workers together and to create a new community of people with common interests and purpose, a community that will help the economic prosperity of our town, a community that will help Tubbercurry to thrive”.

The conference will play host to remote workers, international employers and local town groups who each have an interest in remote working.

The conference will have over 15 speakers who will share their latest thinking on the technology, management supports and opportunities that exist for remote working. It will also showcase community case studies and will transform two buildings in the main street to show how remote working can have an impact locally. Currently it is estimated that over 216,000 people work remotely in Ireland.

The emergence and activation of new community spaces across Ireland is a key motivator for this event as communities begin to provide the infrastructure needed in the regions to make remote work possible. Regions of collaborative ecosystems and clusters, offering global value, skills and quality of life are the regions that will succeed.  An effective Smart Working model is an important element of this vision and success.

This year’s conference will see speakers who are professionals in the remote working community such as:

  • Angela Piper of Scrapinghub, a technology company that turns web content into useful data for your business. Scrapinghub is a 100% remote working company with people in every corner of the world.
  • Paul Savage, the Chief Operating officer at NearForm. NearForm is a technology company that sources talent from all over the world. They hire without borders, casting the net far and wide to attract the finest to their industry.
  • Laurel Farrer is a distributed operations consultant. Laurel collaborates with the world’s top remote friendly companies.
  • Lorcan Roche Kelly, who works remotely from his farm in Co. Clare as editor on Bloomberg markets.
  • Marcus Wermuth, the mobile lead at Buffer, based in Munich Germany. Buffer makes it easy for businesses and marketing teams to schedule social media posts, analyze performance, and manage all their accounts in one place. Buffer is a fully remote team spread across the World.
  • Rachel Craig is a remote worker based in Barcelona. She previously worked remotely from Inishowen in Co Donegal. Rachel is a search engine optimsation consultant with
  • Ryan Mesches is a well experienced remote worker. He is currently working for and is in the process of building his own remote working team.
  • Tammy Bjelland is the founder and CEO of Workplaceless, a company which provides training to workers, leaders, and organisations on working remotely.


“I am really looking forward to speaking at GrowRemote and show local communities the impact Remote Work can have. I’ve seen it at Buffer what good it can do and what it means to hire people all around the world. Remote Work is the future!” Marcus Wermuth, mobile lead Buffer.


“We, at Shopify, are delighted to share our work from home story with others at the Grow Remote event on April 16th. In less than 4 years, we have built a team of over 300 fully remote workers in Ireland, spread across all 26 counties. Remote and work-from-home initiatives are the best way for Ireland to address the combined needs of breathing life into rural Ireland and enabling people to live where they they want to live.” John Riordan, director of support at Shopify.


Tracy Keogh founder of Grow Remote said, “Grow Remote is a group of community developers who want to use remote work as a way to enable our communities to thrive as remote work can be a great equaliser for communities. For us, Tubbercurry was the perfect location, they have an award-winning community team, a vibrant community, and even the world’s fastest running kid! When your career isn’t tied to one location, it’s the assets Sligo, and Tubbercurry have, that make a place worth living in”.

The event is supported by Sligo County Council, Western Development Commission, Bank of Ireland, Blacknight, ICBE, Smart Community Tubbercurry & South Sligo and An Chroi South Sligo Enterprise Centre. Tickets start at €40.  More details at ​



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