Dooney Rock

Lough Gill

Dooney Rock is one of the first walks you’ll come to on the Lough Gill Loop as you head from Carraroe to Dromahair. It’s a beautiful place and usually not too busy. There is a small car park and you can either walk down to the lake or walk up to the top of the rock.

Steps at Dooney Rock

There are steps on both sections of the walk, they can be a bit slippy so watch your step. If you just want a gentle walk head down to the lake. It’s so peaceful and easy to see how it inspired the poet W. B. Yeats in his poetry – check out The Fiddler of Dooney.

Lough Gill shore at Dooney Rock Sligo

Red squirrel at Dooney Rock, Sligo

Keep a look out for squirrels. I’ve been lucky enough to see red ones on a few occasions but they move very quickly. There are also a wide variety of birds and other wildlife, so it’s a great place to go on a nature trail.


The view from the top of Dooney Rock is spectacular, worth the walk up. It’s only a short walk but it is a bit steep – just in case you have dodgy knees. There are some seats at the top so just relax and take in the view of majestic Benbulben.


To find out more about this walk head to the Sligo Walks website.

Benbulben and Beezies

Holly in the sunshine

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    January 19, 2015 at 8:27 am

    This particular blog takes the biscuit (Rocket Dog welcome to it). Snow White indeed with all the woodland creatures, including scurrying red squirrel. Mr. Nature Learn and Molly will appreciate all your photos (beats the dead dolphin and bird they saw over the weekend!).

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