Coolaney is a Sound Town!

DJ Alison Curtis and Today FM have teamed up with Cadbury Dairy Milk to find the soundest towns in Ireland. The overall winner will receive 10,000 euro to spend on a community project. Coolaney, here in Sligo, was the November winner.

Coolaney was nominated by resident Val Robus.
Val explained, ‘Coolaney is more of a thriving village than a town but it’s a place of fantastic community spirit. Volunteers have been working for 4 years to get a permanent cafe for the village as there was never a cafe in the village before. I spoke to Alison live on air from Cafe Fia and it was so exciting to be able to do that. Coolaney is a place where everyone looks out for each other and there’s always someone to call on if you need help. It’s also home to the National Mountain Bike Centre, various groups and a variety of creative people. The Sligo Camino takes place every year, this is a 36km walk across the Sligo Way and people come from all over the world to take part, it’s completely run by volunteers. Coolaney is a wonderful place to call home.’

Secretary of Café Fia, Caitriona McGoldrick, spoke on behalf of the village and had this to say:

“Coolaney is such a fantastic little village and we all pull together as a community, this was especially evident during Covid when we looked after the vulnerable. It’s such a great place to live and there are new places opening all the time. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for announcement of overall winner of Ireland’s Soundtown 2020, as the €10,000 prize would go a long way to our ongoing projects in the village. One of the projects being that we would like to replace the old wooden bridge on the river walk with a brand new recycled plastic boardwalk, but we need the funds to do this.”

The overall winner of Soundtown will be announced by DJ Alison Curtis on the Weekend Breakfast Show on Today FM on Saturday 21st of November. Good luck Coolaney.

Sligo Hub