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Mamogs is the business name of Sligo native Michelle Doherty. Michelle is a Dona International trained Postnatal Doula, she is also a qualified Early Years Educator and in Special Educational needs. Michelle who continues to up skill has done training in breastfeeding, bereavement, paediatric & occupational first aid and much more. Michelle brings with her over 25 years of caring for families, babies and young children and is also a mother of two children.

Michelle started Mamogs in 2013 to provide mothers and families non judgemental support after the birth of a baby. The business has grown over the years as has the extent of the support Michelle provides. This support comes down to what is needed mainly by the mother. This could be a listening ear, an opportunity to rest, take a bath, spend time with older siblings, have meals cooked, get support with feeding baby and also learn about other supports for mum, baby and the family in the area.

What is a Postnatal Doula you ask?
A postnatal Doula is a support person who cares for the mother and her family in the home usually in the first three months (known as the fourth trimester) following birth and later if needed. She will help you as a family with the adjustment to this new life and is aware of all your needs. A Doula offers evidence based information on infant feeding, emotional & physical recovery from childbirth along with practical support and other issues related to the postnatal period. A postnatal Doula will be by your side working with you.

Giving birth is one of life’s greatest experiences and bringing baby home can be met with excitement, joy and possibly a little trepidation. This new road can take time to get used to. Tasks that you never thought about before or took for granted like cooking, eating, bathing, sleeping, now may seem non existent and you may wonder when will normality return. Having good support surrounding you can make all the difference. Let me be your strength, allow me to wrap you in cotton wool and guide you safely to the other side.

Michelle also provides a prebirth information session for couples, parenting groups, business, etc. These session run through what to expect for the first time parent and those with older siblings, transitioning, top tips on caring for your baby, planning your supports, practical and researched information, empowerment, babies cues and lots more. Feel fee to contact Michelle to find out more or book your session.

Website Address: Mamogs Website
Facebook Page: Mamogs on Facebook
Phone Number: 087 9287635
Address: Ballinfull, Co Sligo
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Postnatal Doula, supporting mum, baby and the family unit after birth.
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