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If you’re considering becoming a Sligo host family, you’re in for a rewarding experience! Hosting an exchange student can be a great way to learn about another culture and make new friends. Plus, your family will have the chance to show off their hometown and share their traditions with someone from far away. It’s definitely a great way to connect with the international community. So, if you’re interested in learning more about hosting, HEBE Adventures has over 750 host families and has been creating unique Home Stays for young international travellers for over five years. 

5 reasons why you should become a Sligo Host Family with HEBE

  1. Your family will experience other cultures, meet new friends, and broaden their horizons. 

Having a student stay with you from a different country, will not only give them a new cultural experience but they are offering you one in return. You’ll eat dinner together each night and often organise some other activities and excursions for the family. This quality time together will allow you to learn about their culture and some of their language. Each guest you have will often be from a new country with new insights to offer. The experience will open your mind to new perspectives for a truly priceless insight. 

Hosting is a sociable and fun experience. You get to meet new people and it often gives families an excuse to enjoy fun days out together and introduce the student to what Ireland has to offer. It makes quiet houses a bit more lively and sociable

Currently HEBE has two types of trips they offer students. One is an activity stay, the other a full immersion.

Hebe host family
HEBE students with host family
  1. A great opportunity to make some extra income.

An activity stay is where the incoming child/student will stay with a host family but also attend a camp (e.g soccer, art, dancing, adventure, rugby etc), usually between 10am-3pm, and the rest of the time will spend with the family. The full immersion stay is where the student/child will stay with the host family 24/7, in this case the family will bring the student out for activities, such as a trip to a local tourist destination, the cinema, a hike etc etc. 

The rates Host Families earn around €1500 per 4 week trip if it’s a full immersion stay. If it’s an activity stay it is closer to €1100. A great way to make extra income for you and have a fulfilling experience at the same time! 

  1. Make connections that last a lifetime – many host families stay in touch with their students. Genuine friendships are formed.

New friends for your children! Many hosts have children of their own, and HEBE makes their best efforts to match families with students of similar age so that they have the best chance of becoming friends. Bringing a language exchange student into your home will offer an invaluable experience to your kids. They will learn social skills as they meet new people from different backgrounds, becoming more open minded and aware about different cultures. 

  1. Hebe wants to give their Parents, and their Host Families that peace of mind from the get go, so you don’t need to worry about where your child is going, or who is coming to your home.

Hebe has a triple vetting process. Police Vetting : They carry out a background check on all families to ensure no family member has a criminal record. Hebe Vetting :  They personally visit each host family prior to the family hosting any student. Personal Vetting : Parents can communicate with the host family prior to booking a trip.

  1. Staying with a host family in a different country, experiencing a new culture, learning a new language and making new friends is an experience few are likely to forget. 

Your children can also start to pick up knowledge of other languages as they communicate more with guests from around the world. Another reason for inviting a foreign language student to your home is that it can be beneficial if you are considering sending your child on a similar trip. It will give them a chance to see what it will be like, allowing them to answer any questions they’d have and see what a great experience it could be! The thought of staying with another family across the world could seem daunting to children at first, however seeing first hand how amazing the experience has been for another child coming into your home is likely to put any hesitation to rest and make your child excited to embark on their own trip!

If you’re looking for a unique and meaningful experience, we hope that this blog post has helped to introduce the idea of becoming a host family. The kids will love you, your family will enjoy the company and even learn a few things about another culture. Check out HEBE Adventures for information on how to become a host family, testimonials from current host families in Ireland and the many many benefits of opening up your home to a foreign student. 

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