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Advertising Price-list June 2021

 Connect with the Sligo Community
SEPT 2021 Total
Instagram Followers 5621
Instagram Reach (90 days) 65562
Facebook Followers 10,363
Facebook People Reached (90 days) 55,914
Website Visitors (90 Days) 71,666
Twitter 41,779
Linkedin 3384
Podcast downloads 2,965

Website Advertising Banners

One 800 x 686px company-branded banner on our Sligo Hub Home Page €400/month

One company-branded banner on our Sligo Hub Partnerships/Directories Page €100 for six months with a weekly promotion of the page on our social media channels.

Blogging – €250

A 600+ blog post about your business on our Sligo Hub website including 2 images and links back to your website/social media platforms

Social Media Posts €200

We will create 2 company-branded images for each platform and post on Sligo Hub and share on Sligo Life Platforms.

The images will be posted across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Email €200

One listing in our weekly newsletter – image, paragraph and links back to your company website or social media platforms

Podcast Interview – €800

45-minute audio and video podcast interview with you or members of your team about your products/services and the story of your business these will be distributed on the Sligo Life podcast channel and posted on the Sligo Hub YouTube channel. 

It also includes 3 branded social media creatives posted on Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

Photography €600 – €800

25 x LIfestyle photographs of your team/business/products 

50 x LIfestyle photographs of your team/business/products

Videography [Custom]

Social media custom videos of your team/business/products

Monthly Report on results [Free]

End of month report on clicks and reach of the posts and banner for you to review – measuring clicks, leads. 

Sligo Jobs listing on website €25

A listing for one month plus we will share once across our channels stories.  

Sligo Jobs social Media Post €100

We will create one branded image and will publish in the feeds of our social media platforms.

If you are interested in advertising with us drop us a line

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