A new chapter for Sligo Hub

From January 12th 2021 Clodagh Higgins from Sligo Life will be the new owner of Sligo Hub and take it onwards with a new vision for 2021 and beyond.

Sligo Hub was started in April 2018 by two local ladies; Val Robus and Kate McCarthy. The idea behind the website was to promote Sligo to not just tourists but also to locals. It quickly became a community where people could come to if they needed information. This was very evident during the Covid pandemic when people were looking for details of places that were open, amongst other things.

In recent months Val and Kate partnered with Clodagh who hosts the Sligo Life podcast. This was a natural progression and the team had one clear goal to spread the word of Sligo in a positive light. 

Val explains:

‘Sligo Hub was very much a labour of love for myself and Kate. Our professional lives have got very busy in recent months and we no longer have the time we’d like to dedicate to the project. Clodagh will be the driving force and bring the energy that’s needed to progress the website & social media platforms . She has over 12 years of experience in the Digital Sales & Marketing Industry and is passionate about connecting Sligo Businesses to each other, to the people in the community so they can grow together. We’d like to thank all those who supported the Hub over the years and we wish Clodagh every success for the future.’

You can hear more details on episode 35 of the Sligo Life Podcast here – A new chapter for Sligo Hub – Val Robus & Kate McCarthy

Over the coming days & weeks Clodagh will share more information about how to connect in the Sligo Hub Community and how to stay up to date with events and activities in Sligo through the Sligo Hub Friends Newsletter. 

You can contact her directly on hello@sligohub.com

Sligo Hub